Cremisan Cellars

The main attraction for the ordinary visitor is the wine cellar with its high arched stone ceilings, is filled with oak casks of aging wine and brandy and adjoining shop, which is located a few hundred meters beyond the monastery building.

The headed Salesian Community wine producer since 1885, has been in the wine trade for over a century produced by the resident Italian Priests

As far as quality is concerned ,we are pleased to inform you that from vintage to sale ,all processing works are done in our convent at CREMISAN under the direct control of our expert and specialized Salesian Brothers. Our wines stand high in our Clients flavour for their natural, agreeable ,full-bodied relishing flavour .

Production Line:
Filling and sealing the wine in our factory
at Cremisan Cellars

New Technology (Stainless Steal)
beside the Traditional Wine Storing in Oaks.

Storing the Red & White Wine in Oak Barrels
for several years, depends on the kind of the Grapes.


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