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Produced from specially selected Chardonnay grapes
Following a “charmant” French method, growing in the plains of the Holy Land
Aging in Oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years.

Average baume: 12  PH<3.4
Alcohol: 11% by volume
bottled in 750 cc
Taste: Brut Champagne

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A special sparkling wine produced from Rose Granache` grapes.

Bottled in 750 cc bottles
Alcohol: 11 % by volume
Taste: Sweet Color: Rose

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Produced from specially selected Dabouky local white grapes grown in the mountains of Bethlehem, the Holy Land. Made from Balady (local white grapes).
Aging in Oak barrels for a minimum of eighteen years

Average baume: >12.0 o
Alcohol: 40% by volume
bottled in 700 cc

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Grape juice from Dabouky grapes

Alcohol: 0% by volume
bottlled in 750 cc
From 1998

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A Pure vinegar made from wine (grape Vinegar).


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